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What Does the Future Hold for Gifted Education?

We often hear from parents of children with high academic talent how difficult it is to advocate for their children and find the best gifted and talented resources.  That's why the latest news of President Obama's proposal to  eliminate the only federal program for gifted education is disconcerting. Tough economic times call for some very tough choices.  I guess when it comes to education there are no good cuts.  Given this latest news, it's more important than ever for parents of gifted kids to know how support their high potential learners.

Curious to hear how budget cuts are affecting gifted and talented programs in your town and state? Are you supplementing your child's education with enrichment programs? Where and how? Please with other parents. 

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#2 Shonnie Pongratz 2010-02-10 01:31
to me all children are gifted children. God does not make mistakes.
A gifted child or a special child can contribute to our every day life, and not expect any thing in return. that is why we need to protect our children.
#1 Shonnie Pongratz 2010-02-10 01:28
What some people don't understand is that Austium children are very smart. My grandson can tell you every thing about the wars past and present, he also could tell you what guns were use and how they used them. He is so into the history that he wants to go to the army when he's old enough. But, he wants to be like his granny and cook.
We are looking into cooking school for gifted children. This way if he does go for the army, they will have one hell of cook.

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