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Help Your Child Become a Creative Writer

There are many simple and effective ways to help your child become a more creative writer. Here are three easy activities to promote creative writing with your young child. Each activity should take about fifteen to thirty minutes to complete.

  • Most writing experts agree that pictures are a child’s first attempt at “writing.” Ask your child to draw a simple pencil sketch, such as a house or a cat. Then ask her questions about her picture that will encourage attention to detail, such as: “What color is your house?” “Does it have a garden?” Then give her crayons or markers to color the sketch. When she’s done ask her to tell you a describing sentence about her picture and print her words underneath. For example, “My big, blue house has a colorful garden.”
  • Take a few photos of a family occasion or event. Help your child put the photos in order. Then paste each one separately on the top of some lined paper. Help him write a sentence or two about each photo. Put the sheets with the photos and sentences into a photo album, to create his own “picture book.”
  • Give your child a small notebook to start their own writing journal. Give her a “story starter” such as, “When I got up this morning, I saw…” “If I could fly I’d…” “I dreamt I was a…” If writing a sentence is too difficult, let her make a picture. You can add the words for her until she can do it herself.

When you build writing time into your child’s everyday life, their ability to create a story will soar!

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#3 Chanell Gautreaux 2010-12-01 17:14
Pictures are a great way to spark writing in both kids and adults! Exercises that help kids understand descriptive words and their use are helpful also.
#2 Robin 2010-03-28 18:09
I really enjoyed your tips. As a kindergarten teacher, this is exactly what I tell parents to do as well. The best stories from a young child comes from prior knowledge of their own life and experiences.
#1 Sheila 2010-03-27 02:45
I especially love the third idea of giving your child a notebook and a 'story starter' sentence. I am going to cut a bunch of paper strips with 'story starters' on them and put them in a jar and every day have my child pick one and write a bit in her Creative Writing journal! Thanks for the ideas/tips!

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