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Logical Thinking Games Make Learning Fun

Playing "logical" games with your child helps them develop critical thinking skills needed for math and reading success. Analogies are just a comparison of two things. These analogy games promote making connections and seeing patterns.

Here are a few quick suggestions to get started. Say:

  • Sock is to Foot, as Hat is to... (Head)
  • Fingers are to Hand, as Toes are to... (Feet)
  • Fire is to Hot, as Ice is to ... (Cold)
  • Shoe is to Foot, as Mitten is to... (Hand)
  • Rain is to Wet, as Desert is to...(Dry)

Once you get into the game it can be fun for the child if the adult answers incorrectly, then let the child make the correction. (For example, the adult might say "Barking is to dogs like Meowing is to ...Fish!!!" ) Your child should immediately say, "No, no!! A cat meows, not a fish!"

  • Button is to Shirt, as Zipper is to... (Coat, jacket)
  • Bird is to fly, as fish is to... (Swim)
  • Night is to Black, as Snow is to...(White)
  • Chicks are to Hens, as Cubs are to... (Bears)
  • Boat is to Water, as Car is to ... (Road)

My students love doing these activities and often go on to create their own! With patience and practice you will help your child build logic, reasoning, and problem solving skills.

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