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Make-overs for School Lunches

What do Michele ObamaRachel Ray and the Hidden Valley company have in common? (No this is not a joke!) The answer: They all want America's school lunches to get an extreme make-over! I think I hear moms from coast to coast applauding loudly. 

How nice  would it be if parents didn't feel guilty when they couldn't send their kids to school with a bag lunch? That's why I think the Hidden Valley's "Love Your Veggies" grant is so cool. Their grants are helping schools provide healthful cafeteria lunches. Just recently they awarded ten elementary schools each with a $10,000  that will go towards getting fresh fruits & veggies into school meals.  Pretty interesting to read how the winning schools are using their grant money:   https://www.loveyourveggies.com/winners_2010.php

Has your school caught the healthy lunch fever? What steps are they taking to offer more nutritious choices to your kids? Would love to hear about it. 

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