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Inspire Your Child to Become a Better Writer

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Do you want your child to become a good writer? Start by sharing how you use writing every day, such as lists, e-mails, recipes, directions, etc. To spark your child’s interest in writing tie it to their everyday activities. Here are some simple and easy ways to do that.

  • When you are going to the grocery store have your child make a list of snacks. Even if you can’t read the list, bring it with you and refer to it in the store.
  • Give your child their own calendar. Have her write play dates, doctor’s appointments, library books due, etc. on the calendar.
  • Help him write "Thank You" notes to relatives and friends for gifts or special times together.
  • Let your child pick out a small, colorful notebook and some sparkly pens or markers. Have her keep a daily "Journal" or diary.
  • Help your child find a "writing buddy" in your neighborhood. Let them exchange notes, e-mails, or journals.

The more your child writes, the more confidence he or she will gain, and the more enjoyable writing will become!

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#2 claudiajenfer 2010-10-28 13:16
Help the child to find a writing buddy in your neighborhood. Let the exchange notes, e-mail, or newspapers. The more your child writes, the more confidence he or she will get, and will be more convenient to write.
#1 Carol Williams 2010-07-16 20:42
I like writing little" keep in touch ", "I love you" or "remember to" notes to family members and keeping the spelling of a simple word in mind, looking for the word in signs, labels, books, the newspaper and so on . One of our children noticed a word from a previous "lesson" on a license plate of a car.

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