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Foster a Love of Science this Summer!


I love the fact that the unstructured nature of summer gives kids a chance to explore, discover and experiment. When my kids were little they would spend hours in the woods in our backyard exploring, building, creating things with nature, and mixing up what we affectionately called stink stew! Remembering this makes me realize that summer is the perfect time to introduce your kids to the wonders of science. Often kids are turned off to the traditional approach to experiments and science in school.  Summer presents you with a chance to turn those kids around. 

Here are some ways to encourage your kids to love science:


  • Round up some old small appliances, goggles, and tools. Spread a sheet in your lawn and let your kids take apart the appliances to figure out how they work.
  • Let them loose in the woods with bags, a magnifying glass and  a notepad. Suggest that they explore, collect, compare, and record.
  • Backyard swimming pools are an experiment waiting to happen. Do the  sink and float experiment. Have them try to build water vehicles and submersibles. 
  • What could be better than stargazing in the backyard in summer time? Teach your kids about constellations and planets.
  • Start a science club in your neighborhood or help your kids organize a small science fair. 


If you are feeling a bit intimidated because you fear your lack of science know-how, have no fear! There are tons of great science websites out there. Here are a few of my favs:

https://www.braincake.org [special note on this one: This website is geared to girls and it is awesome! We need more girls in STEM fields so why not start them early?]




Here are some of the science resources on our site:



Have you done any fun science experiments with your kids or have they come up with any on their own this summer? Do you have a favorite science website or blog?Tell us about them!


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