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Back to School and Separation Anxiety

What parent hasn’t experienced a "lump in their throat" as they brought their young child to school for the first time? A new school experience can be exciting yet sometimes unsettling, for both parent and child! Thankfully, there are ways to ease everyone’s stress and make those first few days of school worry free.

  • If your child is attending a new school, try to make a classroom connection before school starts. If possible, visit the school and meet the teacher. (Most teachers are at school preparing for the first day)
  • If the school has a website, show pictures of the school and grounds to your child. Talk about the fun he’ll have there. This makes the school a familiar, less threatening place.
  • Make sure your child knows the grade she’s entering and her teacher’s name.
  • When you drop your child off at school, do not linger! Give a quick hug and say a cheerful "good-bye." The longer you stay the harder it is for both you and your child.

For additional ideas and tips see:

With simple preparation and guidance the transition from summer to school can be smooth and stress free!

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