Teachers have first day of school "jitters" too!

Will I have enough crayons and pencils for everyone? Did I spell everyone’s name correctly? Do my students know how they are getting home...walking, taking the bus, going to day care? How can I help my First Grade "criers?"

Like some students, teachers also have trouble sleeping the night before school opens. We solve problems in our mind and over-plan activities for the first day. We try to anticipate student’s needs.

Even veteran teachers expect the unexpected.

So, as I finished my twenty-third "first day" of a new school year, I’m breathing a big sigh of relief! Hardly any classroom tears, all lunches were served on time, no lost students, and all arrived safely at their after school destinations.

Whew! To all fellow teachers who have completed their "first day," I say rest easy. We’re off to a great start for a new school year!