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Establish Routines for a Smooth School Year

Girl at breakfast Establishing and maintaining simple routines can make getting ready in the morning and the entire school year run smoothly. Here are five simple tips to get your Kindergarten or First Grade child in a "ready-to-learn" routine:

  • Make sure to get up early enough for a healthy breakfast. Research supports that having a good breakfast helps a child stay focused and alert.
  • Establish a homework location and a specific time to do homework that works for your family.
  • Have your child pack completed homework, lunch money, notes, etc. in their backpack before going to bed at night. That eliminates "My mom forgot to pack it for me this morning."
  • Eliminate the morning hassle of "what to wear." Sunday night, help your child choose two outfits to wear to school. (One for Monday, one for Tuesday) Put each one on separate hangers. Be sure to include socks, underwear, hair ribbons, etc. (You can put smaller items in a bag and attach it to the hanger.) Tuesday night help your child pick three more outfits for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Planning clothes for two or three days at a time decreases conflicts by letting children make their choices in the evening. Keep sneakers or school shoes in a specific place each night.,/li>
  • Always keep backpacks and/or lunch boxes in the same, special place. It could be a small table by the back door, or a spot in your child’s bedroom. That eliminates wasting time trying to find a missing backpack when running out the door!

Sticking to simple routines helps your child stay organized and be totally prepared for a great school day.

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#1 Livia McCoy 2010-09-17 22:42
Great thoughts, Connie! Routines like this make the classroom run smoother, too. Many elementary teachers are great at this, but those of us in the upper school need to remember it too.

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