studying girlMy last blog (about skills versus intelligence) mentioned that some parents and teachers think children are not trying when in reality they are working very hard. It is a concern that I have for struggling students, because judging a person’s internal motivation is difficult to do. And, there are children who will tell you they are not trying just to save face. ("I failed because I didn’t try.")

It is possible that your child is completely goofing off. Maybe he sneaks off and watches television or plays video games when he is supposed to be doing homework. That is a behavior issue that should be addressed. Just be cautious before deciding poor school work is a behavior issue. There may be genuine learning problems that interfere with work output.

How can you tell whether your child is doing her best?

Here are several resources that may be helpful if you see your child described in the above scenarios.

Attention Issues

Difficulty with Homework

Reading Difficulties