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What Makes a First Grader Thankful?

ThankfulOften we hear the term "Back to Basics." But what does this really mean? With the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner, I was really reminded of, and enchanted by my student’s "back to basics" view. Their short stories, about being thankful, are inspiring.

Many wrote about their family, "I have the greatest family in the world," said one child. Another wrote, "I’m thankful for my brother because he is a good boy, and he’s special." Many mentioned, "Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters, and pets." One child wrote, "I’m thankful for my house because it’s warm, and my Mom because she loves me."
Many boys wrote about food! "I’m thankful for my Grandpa’s turkey and my Grandma’s pumpkin pie." Some little girls wrote about the things that give them comfort, "I’m thankful for my doll Rose," one wrote. "I’m thankful that Mom and Dad know how to take care of me," said another.

One little guy summed it up for me when he wrote, "I’m thankful for my goldfish, because he’s still alive." When I asked him what he meant by that, he told me that usually goldfish don’t live very long, so every day that he gets to have his goldfish is "really special."

Wow...I’m thinking about buying a goldfish!   Happy Thanksgiving


Note from School Family: To get your kids writing about what they are thankful for, print out this Thanksgiving writing prompt: https://www.schoolfamily.com/print-and-use-tools/document/822-thanksgiving-writing-prompt

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#1 carol williams 2010-11-19 19:32
Out of the mouths of babes....This was a thought provoking post.
Just to take the time to ask, to think, and to share engages many people in this circle of thankfulness.
"Thankful for my doll Rose" was the comment that was very dear to me, for an unknown reason, maybe just that it sounded so sweet and sincere. This doll is obviously very important to a little girl maybe also for an unknown reason, or that it gave her comfort, as suggested.

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