After my posting on creating a friendly environment for ADHD children, I heard from several people about how much they like the stand-up desks. One felt it would be great for him rather than his children. Another says she plans to try it with the students she tutors in reading.

One of my tweeps (Twitter friends) sent me a picture of her home office. She built two stand-up desks and shared this picture of them. Notice the bottom shelf. She told me that having the books and supplies down low helps keep them out of sight where they are less distracting.

I especially like this study space because of its potential for organization. Many students who struggle in school have a hard time finding what they need in order to be productive during their homework time. The shelves provide room for the standard supplies they need. You could add some clear plastic storage boxes (like the ones they sell for shoes). They could be filled with pens, pencils, colored markers, rulers, tape, glue, and other standard supplies students need to have at their fingertips.

This study center is pretty much ideal for an ADHD, disorganized student. The student can stand while they work (wiggle, bounce, dance) and find anything they need within seconds.