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World Wide Wishes From the First Grade

Kids around the worldOne of our writing projects last week was about "Christmas Wishes." I asked my First Grade students to write about their Christmas wishes for people of the whole world. If they had the power to make a real difference in the world, like President Obama or other world leaders, what would their wishes be?

As I was proof-reading their stories I had tears in my eyes. The depth of the caring and empathy, from six and seven year olds, was amazing and humbling. I knew that I had to share their stories.

Some wrote about sickness:

  • "I wish everyone in the world that is sick would feel better and not get sick again"
  • "I wish all Grandmas and Grandpas would live forever"

Some wrote about wanting peace in the world:

  • "I wish people could just work it out, instead of making war"
  • "I wish wars would stop and people would be home and be safe"

Some wrote about hunger and homelessness:

  • "I wish that everyone had a home and a family"
  • "I wish that people had peace and had enough to eat"
  • "I wish that other kids would be warm and have mittens, coats and boots if they were cold."
  • "I wish all the people in the world had a home and all of the children in the world had love and peace."

One child wrote, "I wish that kindness would spread all over the world so that no one would feel sad anywhere."

Well done first graders! I think many world leaders could learn a lot from you. Merry Christmas!

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#4 Connie McCarthy 2010-12-21 01:49
Thank you for your kind comments!
#3 Judy Zarrelli 2010-12-19 18:52
Thank you for the fine work you are doing. I am the grand-aunt of the child who is Helen Weldon's great-grandson. I don't know Helen personally since we are on different sides of the family and the country, but I agree wholeheartedly with her comments. I am also a retired teacher of 33 years and know how challenging your job is and can appreciate the effort you put forth on behalf of these youngsters. I pray that someday all their wishes may come true. Happy Holidays to you all!
#2 Helen Weldon 2010-12-19 03:55
I am the great-grandmoth er of the one who wrote: "I wish people could just work it out, instead of making war". It is amazing that one so young could think of such a simple answer to help prevent the terrible situation we are in today. It really gives one hope, as these young people will be our leaders of tomorrow. Keep up the good job you are doing as their teacher.
#1 carol williams 2010-12-18 11:02
The childrens' wishes are not unlike my own. How sad that we can no longer protect them from the realities of this age and time as our parents were able, 50 or more years ago, were able to protect us.

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