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When Smart Students Cannot Write What They Know

GirlSome students have difficulty getting their excellent ideas written down. This can be from a variety of problems such as dysgraphia (a physical problem that prevents handwriting or typing), or a specific language learning disability (like dyslexia). These students can do the homework if given the opportunity to record their answers instead of writing them. (For more information about dysgraphia see Does My Child Have Dysgraphia? For more information about dyslexia see How Do I Know If My Child is Dyslexic?)

Other students struggle so much with written expression that the act of writing consumes all of their mental energy. They may know vocabulary that they cannot spell and if forced to write out their answers, the end product is of low quality. If these students are allowed to record their answers they might produce a much better paper. Using this modification, the students is free to expend all of their mental energy thinking about what they want to say instead of how to get it onto the paper.

Students could record their homework on their computer using free recording software like Audacity or they could use a Livescribe pen. You can learn about the Livescribe here.

Don’t let a problem with written expression keep your child from sharing what he knows. If he is struggling completing his written work, give this a try. If the recorded work is better, then ask for a meeting with his teacher to see if he will allow this modification for homework. Be sure to take the written paper and the recorded one so the teacher can see and hear the difference in quality.

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