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Searching for Balanced & Tasty Before-School Breakfasts

Is it just me or is getting your kids to eat breakfast before school a challenge?  I am ever-conscious of not being a helicopter parent, but when it comes to breakfast, this is one battle that I pick. 

As the school year progresses, my kids seem to be getting up later and later and doing a grab-and-go breakfast.  With exams looming, I decided to go back to the drawing board and come up with some new, quick but balanced breakfast recipes and ideas. Thought I’d share some of the latest favorites:

  • Homemade Granola with fruit and yogurt- Don’t tell my kids but I halve the sugar in the granola recipe and add in stuff like flax meal and wheat germ. And it still tastes awesome. Even if you’re running late you can throw granola in a container with yogurt and fruit to nosh on the bus. (Hopefully, they’ll remember to take the container out of the backpack at the end of the day.)
  • Whole wheat toast with fruit and Nutella®-  Sorry to say that my kids are not fans of whole wheat anything… they will tell you it’s because I was an evil mother and didn’t give them white bread  (only whole grain) when they were little. But If you spread some Nutella® on a slice of whole wheat toast, then top it with sliced strawberries or bananas, they won’t even notice that it’s whole wheat. Brilliant yummy-ness!
  • Smoothies- Another great way to sneak "better for you" foods into breakfast. I have found if I put too much protein powder in, I get complaints from the kids… and they were on to me when I added wheat germ… but, in general, if I add banana and vanilla yogurt to whatever I put in there, they love it. Mangos are the favorite frozen fruit to add to smoothies in our house. Add a little orange juice to the mangos, bananas and vanilla yogurt and it tastes like summer in a glass. As for the flax seed oil that I add-- well, we won't talk about that because no one knows it's there.

OK, now it’s your turn to tell your favorite, quick but balanced breakfast ideas! I am sure that I am not the only mom who is forever searching for breakfast foods that the kids will actually eat!

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#1 Patti Ghezzi 2011-03-10 03:47
PB&J along w/ a banana is a great breakfast at our house. Our school is peanut-free, so my daughter gets this easy, healthy(ish), portable standby in her diet before school.

I also make quickbreads such as zucchini, carrot and banana that can be eaten on the run by everyone in the family all week long. For a little protein boost, I add a cheese stick. By the end of the week, when the bread is getting a little stale, I toast it.

We also eat tons of oatmeal. Of course everyone likes it prepared a little differently, so it's not quick and easy for me, but it's healthy, yummy and hits the spot on cool mornings. I serve it in a plastic cup to make it portable for the car.

Finally, egg sandwiches. I don't like eggs, so I don't see the appeal, but my husband and child will eat them so I make them. Our neighbor has a chicken coop, so the eggs are always fresh.

I find breakfast sets the tone for the day. If I can get some healthy food in my various family members, it puts me in a good mood.

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