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Helping Kids Make a Reading and Math Connection

Boy with piggy bankAlthough reading and math are two separate subjects there is a strong connection between the two. Helping your child improve their math vocabulary will in turn help them improve their math comprehension.

Here are three easy suggestions to help improve your young child’s math vocabulary:

  • A number word is one of the first things you can help your child master. On 4x6 index cards write the numerals 0 through 20 on the top of the card. On the bottom of the card, print the number word that belongs to the numeral. For example, "2" on top, and "two" on the bottom. Be sure to use lower case letters. You can then use them for flash cards. When your child can easily say them in order, mix the cards up to increase the difficulty. Cover the numeral at the top with your hand, so that only the number word is visible. Keep practicing until your child can easily recognize the number words.

  • In a small notebook make an "ABC" book using math words. For example, put the word "addition" under letter "A," "equal" under letter "E," or "pennies" under letter "P." Your child can illustrate the page. As he learns new math words add them to the notebook page with the corresponding first letter.

  • Make up simple math/word problems. "If I had nine pennies, but I lost six, how many do I have left?" Or, "Sue gave me three crackers. Mom gave me four more. How many crackers do I have now?" Let your child use actual pennies, crackers, or other household objects to figure out the answers.

A strong reading and math connection will enable your child to have the confidence to solve everyday problems.

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