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"Five Fingers" Can Determine the Right Book

When young children begin to read they love to go to the library and choose their own books. Yet, parents often wonder how a child can pick out a book on their own that is appropriate for their reading level.

Here is a simple rule that we use in our school library to determine if a book is the right level for a child. We call it the "Five Finger Rule" and it’s a great way to test a book for an appropriate reading level.

When your child finds a book of interest, apply these simple standards:

  • Have your child fold down all five fingers on one hand.
  • Open the book to the middle, and ask your child to read a page out loud.
  • Your child puts up one finger every time a word is missed
  • If all five fingers are up, the book is too hard. If only one or two fingers are up, the book is too easy. Three or four fingers up mean that the book is probably just right!

This simple rule is effective to insure that young readers are happy readers!

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#1 carol williams 2011-03-31 10:59
Beautiful! I could not imagine a more appropriate "test".

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