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Six Simple Ideas to Encourage your Child to be a Good Reader

Book on lap This week is one of my favorite weeks of the entire school year! This is "Reading Week," and every day we are celebrating the priceless joys of reading.

Here are six simple ideas to encourage your child to be a good reader.

  • Visit your local library often so that your child can choose their own books. Take advantage of free "story-times" that are held at most libraries.
  • Set a reading routine for your home. Read to your child at least once a day. Right before bed is a perfect time to wind down, and enjoy a good story together.
  • Keep your child’s books where they are easily accessible, on the lowest shelves, or in bins on their bedroom floor.
  • Let your child "catch" you reading! Modeling reading reinforces its importance. If you enjoy reading, your child most likely will too.
  • Encourage grandparents, family members, and friends to give books to your children on holidays and birthdays rather than toys.
  • Consider subscribing to a children’s magazine. Young children love receiving mail, and will look forward to articles and activities the magazine offers.

Encouraging reading is a simple thing, yet one that can have a positive impact on your child for life!

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