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Happy Mother’s Day From the First Grade!

Daughter kissing momI asked my First Graders to write a story about "why their Mom was special to them." We talked about writing "from your heart." I told them how their words could be better than a "million dollar gift," and a keepsake that their Mothers would always treasure. I couldn’t resist sharing their beautiful responses with you.

Here is one quote from each of their heartfelt stories:

  • "She does funny things that make me laugh so hard, I can hardly breathe!"
  • "Her smile is like fairies are dancing on it!"
  • "I love how she cleans my room, because after it’s clean I can find what I’m looking for."
  • "Her eyes are shiny and brown and gleam like a diamond."
  • "I love how she wakes me up in the morning...I would never trade my Mommy for another one."
  • "She is a perfect snack-maker!"
  • "When she reads me a story at night it makes me fall asleep because her voice is soft and kind."
  • "When she holds my hand I feel safe."
  • "She’s the very, very best cook, and she’s good at singing too.
  • "She smells like chocolate!"
  • "She has big brown eyes that shine in the night."
  • "Her voice sounds like an angel."
  • "She gives the best hugs."
  • "She is great at what she does."
  • "I feel like my Mom is one of a kind."
  • "We go for walks together."
  • "I love how she gracefully falls asleep."
  • "I like how she dresses, she always looks beautiful."
  • "She’s a great cook, and a good hugger, too!"
  • "I love to make her laugh."
  • "She smells like fresh spring air."
  • "I love the way my Mom reads to me every night."
  • "I can’t imagine ever having another Mom, because I love her so much!"

"My Mom is the greatest person in my life."

Moms...please know that all you do is noticed and appreciated by the little ones who love you!

Happy Mother’s Day 2011

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#4 Jill 2011-05-17 01:54
Thank you for arranging the Mother's Day tribute. I felt special and a wonderful way to kick of the weekend.
#3 Martha 2011-05-06 19:05
What a lovely moment in the middle of the day! Thank you and Happy Mother's Day!
#2 Michelle 2011-05-06 18:37
Thank you for doing this with the children, and for all that you do for them every single day. We are so blessed to have you as their teacher. Thank you.
#1 Beth 2011-05-06 15:51
Thank you, again, for arranging such a wonderful tribute. What a beautiful memory. What a gift. Thank you.

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