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Holiday Traveling Games for Learning... and Family Sanity!

Are you traveling with young children this holiday weekend? If so, here are some easy reading and math games that will keep your children entertained, while reinforcing skills.

  • "Rhyme Time"

    An adult says four words, three that rhyme and one that does not. (For example cat, towel, hat, and mat) Then ask: "Which one doesn’t rhyme?" Help your child say the word that doesn’t rhyme, if they are having difficulty.

    A variation of the game is to say two rhyming words and have your child add a third.

  • "Guess What’s in the Bag"
    Have your child bring some little, favorite objects in a small paper bag. While riding have your child choose one of the objects, without letting you see what he has chosen. Have him use "describing" words to give you clues until you guess the object.


    A variation is to play "I Spy." For example, I spy a small, flying insect that stings...What is it?

  • "The License Plate Game"
    Look for the numbers 1 through 9. When you see a 1 shout "One!" Then shout "Two" when number 2 is spotted, all the way to number 9.


    A variation would be look for numbers on license plates that match numbers in your address, phone number or ages of people in your family.

  • "Spot the Shape"
    While on the road, hunt for squares, rectangles, circles and triangle. Spot them on trucks, signs, buildings, and billboards.


    Simple activities like these can help make a long drive go smoother...at least for a little while!

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