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End of the School Year Reflections

Every June I am reminded what a magical year First Grade is in a child’s academic life. I’m reminded by the inspiring words of my students and their parents.

  • "She taught me how to read and now I love it!" wrote one child.
  • "I learned a lot of games and a lot of math, and so much about animals" wrote another.
  • "She has come so far," said a parent.
  • "A trip to the library is something he looks forward to. Thanks for that," said another parent.

I wanted to share these kind words to help everyone understand why teaching is such a wonderful profession.

Despite all the controversies that have battered teachers such as budget cuts, the underfunding of pensions, layoffs and firings, teachers carry on. From California, to Wisconsin, and Rhode Island, teachers continue to do what’s best for their students. They put the children first.

I want to personally say, "Thank you" to my students for challenging and enriching me every day. But most importantly, "Thank you," to all dedicated colleagues in education. They continue to be inspired by their students, and humbled by their role in positively impacting a child’s life.

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#3 Beth 2011-07-06 23:57
I agree wholeheartedly with Lynn. I am so grateful my children were under your guidance this year.
#2 Connie McCarthy 2011-06-29 23:59
Thank you, so much, for those kind words!
#1 Lynn C. 2011-06-28 15:35
Every child would be blessed & lucky to have a teacher as kind, interested, involved, encouraging, and passionate as you are about your students and your job. We will never ever forget how special you are and how fortunate we were to have the chance to work with you and have you teaching and caring for our children day in and day out. You are truly the best!

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