A teacherWill my daughter know how to buy her lunch? What if my son’s not reading yet? Will my shy child develop friends in the class?

Understandably, parents have questions and concerns when their young child starts school. Teachers are well aware of this, because often we are parents too.

The most important thing for parents to remember is that your child’s teacher is your biggest ally! Teachers want what you want for your child...to learn, grow, and be successful in school.

Parents ask, "What is the best way to communicate with my child’s teacher?"

Usually, the teacher will offer information about communication at a school open house. These meetings often occur early in the school year. Ask, if you don’t get a specific directive.

The teacher might prefer:

Get involved:

The start of a new school year is an exciting adventure for both students and parents. Think of the teacher as your professional guide on this wonderful adventure!