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What the Red Sox Could Learn From My First Graders

As a life-long Red Sox fan, I was astounded by my beloved team’s collapse.

Just about everyone has heard how the team fell apart in September, and squandered a nine game lead in the American League wild card race.

How could this have happened?   How did such a talented team fall apart?
This got me really thinking about the “team” values I teach my first graders—and how my six and seven year old students could teach the Red Sox a thing or two!

•    In our first grade class it’s never about just one child…it’s always about how we can help each other.

•    It’s about listening to the person in charge, and following directions.

•    It’s about working for a common goal, always doing our best.

•    It’s about respecting each other and taking turns being leaders.

•    And it’s about happily sharing someone’s success, and helping another through difficulty.

Despite my September disappointment with the Red Sox, I’ve found comfort every day in watching my student’s sense of teamwork and cooperation.  Their common goal, of first grade success, is well underway.

Since the Red Sox manager, Terry Francona, has “resigned” over this monumental September choke, I invite the new manager to visit with my students.  He will learn a lot about teamwork, cooperation, and targeting success!

Oh well, wait ‘til next year…

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#1 Martha 2011-10-12 09:29
Being a lifelong Red Sox fan, I feel your pain! What a wonderful example to young fans who admire their sports stars - that they themselves are stars !

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