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Consequences of a Zero: How One Missing Grade Makes a Huge Difference

Many students do not understand how important it is to complete (and turn in) every single assignment. They think that missing a paper or two does not make much difference in their overall grade. I have tutored students before who were failing in a course who really weren’t doing that badly on the work they did. They seemed to understand the concepts as we worked through them. But, because they did not do all the work, their grade was terrible.


Help your child understand this concept. Show them how to calculate an average (add all their grades together and divide by the number of grades). Then do some pretend calculations to show them the difference between getting an 85, 79, 90, 88, and 100 (average is 88.4), versus getting an 85, 79, 90, 0, and 100 (70.8 average!). At my school the 88.4 is a “B” and the 70.8 is an “F.” 


One missing grade makes a huge difference.


Sometimes, the issue is not that they did not do the work. It might be that they forgot to print it out, lost it between home and school, or put it in the wrong notebook. Parents can help with this, too. If these are issues for your child, they might need an organization system to help them keep up with their work.  Check out A Notebook System That Aids With Organization for an idea that might help them keep up with their homework.


Or, they might need a checklist to use before leaving home in the morning. Organization Tips to Eliminate the Forgotten Homework, Lunch, Sneakers… provides you with one method that has worked for many students.



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#5 Jeffery 2014-01-28 18:36
In my english class we just had a assignment that is worth 192 points. Earlier this semester she gave us slips to use on late work but now added terms that we cannot add it to this assgignment all i needed was 30 minutes.
#4 angelina 2014-01-28 15:23
i miss an assignment today, >.lt. But I was so distracted and left my mind. I was so busy with other homework from other classes. Not really trying to shirk this home work either. It was important. I have a bunch like i am not even exaggerating. It was worth 192 points (._.) , and I have a 100 in this class, watch it escalade down. Deucezzzzzzzz :P
#3 steven 2014-01-28 15:18
You know it might not be the fact that they are losing homework it might that they are having family problems or the fact that the teacher is simply over working the students.
#2 Kerby | Brochure Printing 2011-10-26 01:17
I really agree with you. "One missing grade can truly make a huge difference". As students we can never say that we attain success or personal satisfaction when we have one grade missing despite the high grades from the other subjects.
#1 Johnathan 2011-10-25 02:05
I like this posting. I think the sooner students can involved, the better! I have done this with the students I used to teach and it made a difference when they say how the grade impacts them.

Thanks for the post!

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