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6 Questions for a Successful Parent Teacher Conference

National standards have set the bar for academic achievement, which means that today it is clear what a student should have achieved by certain points in the school year.

Parent teacher conferences are a terrific opportunity for parents to get an accurate picture of their child’s academic achievement and how he is functioning in the classroom. The key to a successful parent teacher conference is to maximize the exchange of information, in a limited amount of time.

Here are 6 important questions for parents to ask at conferences for students in kindergarten, and 1st and 2nd grade:


  • At this point in the school year, what is the expected reading level?  Is my child on level?


  • Are my child’s math skills meeting the standards?


  • What can I do, as a parent, to enhance my child’s academic progress in reading and math?


  • How does my child interact socially with classmates? Does this behavior affect his/her academics?


  • What do you see as my child’s strengths?


  • What is the preferred way to communicate?  (Email, phone calls, notes, etc., and what is a typical response time?)



Parents should also remember to:


  • Bring a notebook and take notes, so that you can remember what was discussed and any important suggestions made by the teacher.


  • Let the teacher know of any changes at home that could affect academics, such as the arrival of a new baby, a job loss, etc.


Finally, remember that you and your child’s teacher want the same thing—a successful and happy school year for your child!


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