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Simple, Last-Minute, Stocking Stuffers for Fun and Learning

Surprise your young child this holiday season with some simple and inexpensive items as stocking stuffers or small gifts that will delight their curiosity and enhance “hands-on” learning. Remember the delicious childhood pleasure of reading under your covers with a secret flashlight? Here are 8 suggestions for similarly simple gifts: 

  • A child sized, hand-held magnifier. This is a great gift for a curious child to study bugs, butterflies or snowflakes in the backyard.
  • A large, plastic encased thermometer.  This can be placed outside her bedroom window so she can become the family “weather girl.” She can check the temperature before getting dressed, and let the family know if they will need mittens and hats that day, or if it’s warm enough for a swim!
  • A child-friendly horseshoe magnet. He’ll feel like a scientist discovering all the things around the house that will be attracted to, and repelled by, the magnet.
  • A deck of playing cards. Cards can be used for all sorts of games to improve math skills, in a fun, interactive way. Some examples: have your daughter identify and match numbers on the cards, or play “War” together for the concept of more-than and less-than.
  • A small, suction cup bird feeder that can be attached to the outside of a window. This allows your child to get a close view of the birds that will come and feed, and feel the responsibility of having a pet when it’s time to refill the feeder.
  • For about $3-5 you can get an environmentally safe bag of “Snow in Seconds” or a tube of “Insta-Snow Powder” that magically turns into “snow” when your child adds water.
  • A jar of soap bubbles. Wave the wand to create bubbles and have your son quickly count them before they pop!

And don’t forget that small flashlight for lighting the way to the bathroom at night—or for reading under the covers after lights out!

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#1 Jackie 2011-12-20 19:14
These are definitely some fun ideas for the last minute shopper like myself! You should suggest a few ideas to this list of Creative Stocking Stuffers for Kids > https://www.skinnyscoop.com/list/Erin/creative-stocking-stuffers-for-kids

I have been referencing it in my shopping but I, of course, love options so thanks for these ideas!

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