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Start Using Those S.A.T. Vocabulary Words Early

We were recently visiting a family friend, a young woman who's a great young mom with two active preschool children. It was impressive to hear her speak and explain things to her son and daughter. I complimented her on her great use of language when talking with them. Her response was, “I thought ‘Why not get them used to the S.A.T. words early? The more they hear them, the more likely they are to remember.’”


I couldn’t agree more!


Helping your child develop and understand a wide range of vocabulary is crucial to good reading, writing, and speaking skills. Hearing and understanding synonyms and related words, from an early age, will not only help your child in elementary school, but middle school, high school and beyond. An easy way to do this is to start using “big” and varied words consistently. Make vocabulary fun by playing this SchoolFamily.com "Word of the Day" game at dinnertime. Use printable vocabulary worksheets, also from SchoolFamily.com, in which your child can practice a variety of vocabulary exercises.


And there's always Scrabble, that favorite family word game in which your child can practice using new words—and learn new words used by other players. Scrabble also offers a free Scrabble Word of the Day word game.


So, the next time you want to take your child on a “promenade” around your “locality” on a “frosty” day, don’t let him forget his “appropriate apparel!”


Editor’s note: Several online sites offer free S.A.T. vocabulary words of the day. One such site is SuperKids SAT Vocabulary Builder.



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#3 SAT vocabulary 2012-02-09 09:46
Your blog is very good. I have a education system which helps improve your knowledge of MATH, TOEFL, SAT VOCABULARY and FOREIGN LANGUAGES using adaptive learning techniques.
#2 andrea 2012-01-27 20:22
Thank you - this is all good advice and links. If I may, we have a free SAT vocab iPhone app that just came out and can help! give it a whirl (search for VocabMatters)
#1 Kim 2012-01-18 18:48
yet another great article! Thanks for the head's up. I'm looking forward to checking out those links too.

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