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Kids Grow Up So Fast...And I Like It That Way!

Paper airplanes are taking over my living room.

In the past few months my little boy has developed an origami obsession, and The “Great Paper Beast” has vomited all over my house (see photo). It’s getting on my claustrophobic nerves. I remarked about the paper airplane “Olympics” my kids hosted in my living room and a Twitter friend said, “I miss those days.”

What days,” I wondered? The days of having your kitchen plastered in kindergarten art projects? OR A little boy’s ongoing obsession with all things paper folding? Because, dude, I’ll trade all this paper glamour for ONE whole paper-free afternoon!

Reminds me of when my kids were very small and the little old lady dressed as a cliché accosted me in the supermarket, saying, “Oh how cute! Enjoy them while they’re young, it goes so fast.” I thought, “Lady? Maybe you should take these babies home for 2 hours, and see if you can remember what it is REALLY like!”

Because folks have selective memory when it comes to vomit-covered nights, 2 year whining phases and, of course, paper folding fixations.

I know I’m supposed to yearn for chubby baby smells or toddler mischief. But I just can’t do it. I can’t help myself; I enjoy living in the moment, and, even more, I LOVE dreaming about the next phase. (And the next, and the next…)

When my youngest was potty trained and could buckle himself in the car seat I literally celebrated! What did that mean for me? F-R-E-E-D-O-M. If only a few seconds of extra freedom from all that buckling while running around after the older siblings. I once counted how many times I buckled him into his seat in one day…let’s just say it was A LOT!

Now I’m staring down the barrel of a teen who’s less than a year from a learners driving permit. (I know? How did THAT happen?) And even this fearful stage doesn’t provoke nostalgia for the younger version of her.

Don’t tell her—but I’m secretly THRILLED she’ll be driving soon. And in a few years, I can’t wait to drive off on a mother-daughter college-tour road trip. I’m not saying I’m looking forward to boyfriends and the dating crap sure to follow, but what mom isn’t excited to take photos of her kiddo dressed for her first prom?!

And after all, the paper airplane thing is partly my fault. I searched high and low for a how-to “Klutz”-brand book on folding the best airplanes. I sat down with him and helped create a fleet of dive-bombers, until it was clear he didn’t need my help. I bought an origami how-to bible and a ream of square folding paper.

I take full responsibility for his recent engineering obsession.

I’m just ready to move on to the next fascination.

(Hopefully it’s not bottle rockets!)







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#5 Carissa Rogers 2012-03-22 01:29
Ahhh I remember a friend telling me it was MUCH harder to have a kid turning into an adult than a kid entering kindergarten...

I hear you.. I'm not there yet but I hear you!! :-)
#4 Cathy 2012-03-09 19:25
Not gonna lie, I'm one of those who wishes time could slow down. I miss the days of cuddling my kids on my lap. While I don't miss he tantrums and other challenging parts, I wish things just freeze every now and then, especially since I have one(my special needs guy) turning 18 this year.
#3 des 2012-03-08 15:57
I'm like you a little...I don't like the needy phase...but I think I'm getting panic attacks over my oldest heading off to college next year. :sad:
#2 Carissa Rogers 2012-03-08 15:40
Ahhh Good point Laura!
My oldest is 14 and the sullen-ness increases...
I hear you on wishing for earlier softer years (pre-teen) but I'm looking forward to the years (they tell me) when my teen will return from the 'abyss'... :-)

I'm also trying to remember when that point came for me? I think it was AFTER I left home for college.. :-)
#1 Laura 2012-03-08 01:46
My daughter just turned 12, and while I do somewhat enjoy not having to do as much for her, I really never minded. Now that she's gotten rather sullen and occasionally nasty, I look back nostalgically at the child she was. She was always really sweet and easy. I miss having her sleep on me. So yes, I do miss her being little. I just hope the next few years will be less of a trial than they are starting off to be.

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