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April Fools’ Day, A Love Story

April Fools’ Day came and went this year with very little fanfare or pranks in my world. Landing on a Sunday meant it wasn’t very easy to catch a schoolmate, or surprise a teacher with a silly joke on THE joke day of the year. Plus we were driving home from a short weekend getaway so even less fun for us!

My little boy did get me right before bedtime though. I had encouraged him to get his PJs on and when I turned around he was vacuuming the kitchen!? I was confused and when I asked what he was doing he hollered: April Fools’!  Ha, no kidding? (A child doing a chore unbidden?) That IS a joke!

We love April Fools’ Day around here. Once we swapped one child’s clothes from one dresser with the older kiddos’ stuff while they were sleeping. Another year we surprised dad with “fake” breakfast foods (yogurt spread in a circle with a half slice of a peach on top to look like a fried egg!)

By far, however, the best story is that I met my husband on April Fools’ Day 1993.

No kidding!

We were both invited to a “surprise” birthday party. Upon receiving the invitation neither of us realized it was scheduled for April Fools’ Day. We were in college and believed we were to keep the party a surprise from the birthday boy. The day came and we all showed up, and the birthday boy was very surprised.

Because of course it was not his birthday and the “party” was staged by the person who sent the invites. We had all been had. The joker showed up with games and treats and the real party began.

During the party I kept wondering who the funny guy on the other side of the room was… turns out he was my husband and I just didn’t know it for 10 more months! And now we’re celebrating 19 years since that first April Fools’ Day. Can everyone please say: Awwwww.  Thank you.

What’s your best April Fools’ Day story? Do your kids get involved in the tomfoolery?


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#2 Carissa Rogers 2012-04-13 15:05
Ha! I love that one... the seat though? YUCK! :-)
#1 musingsfromme/Jill 2012-04-08 03:00
My daughter once put a tiny piece of plastic wrap underneath each of the toothpaste dispensers. At least she didn't put plastic wrap over the toilet seat!

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