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My Son, The Absent Minded Professor

Why is my little boy so dang forgetful? He is smart, amazing, fun loving, and all about science, engineering, and Rube Goldberg contraptions…but ask him where his library book is, and you’ll get a stare of obliviousness that only a 7 year old can muster (that's him in the photo at right).

I might go insane.

"Where did your spelling list go? I thought we agreed you would stick it in the SPECIAL homework spot as soon as you were finished with it each night? So where is it?"

(DUH-FACE as a response.)

"Are these your socks?"


"Then WHY are they sitting on the stairs?!"

And on and on and on. I love him. I do. But I pity his future wife.

This past week at school he was selected to be the “Star Student.” A sheet was sent home (which he promptly lost) the Friday before with important instructions as to how the week would shape up for him, and the following things we needed to do: 


  • Send in photos
  • Write up a "cute short story" with special anecdotes about your kid
  • Create a “Guessing Jar” filled with 100+ small items
  • Prepare his favorite “healthy” snack, enough for 33 kids (this is my favorite item— healthy? And 33 kids? Really!?)


So, I got the list of tasks about mid-week after he “remembered” to request a second copy of it. Because of this, his “week” was shortened to: Two Days of YOU!  (I made that up myself.) But the thing is, he didn’t care one bit.

He loved his special, albeit shortened, week, and he loved me for making a million ham and cheese tortilla roll ups for his whole class. (It was actually 33, but felt like a million; just sayin.’)

I  have to mention that, of course, he can remember all the teeny tiny details and minutiae of his favorite science experiments (aka huge mess-making-projects in my kitchen!). From his teacher he “borrowed” a small piece of plastic that links 2 large plastic bottles in order to create water tornados inside the bottles. For hours and hours he experimented and played and altered and played some more with those 2 bottles. 

Clearly he doesn’t have a hard time focusing on a project he loves. And I guarantee he won’t lose these two bottles. Probably because he’ll wake up in the morning with them on the pillow next to him.

The ending of the Star Student “cute short story” I wrote up about him went like this:

“There is one word to describe my little boy: Happy-Go-Lucky.’ And we love him for it!”

Now if he could just remember where he put his baseball mitt…


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#2 Carissa Rogers 2012-04-12 20:16
3 Boys!!! Adrian?? You have grandkids? WHAT? I didn't know that!!!

Forget the girlfriend... i bet THAT did NOT go well.. but yeah can't stay mad for long.. thanks for your perspective. It won't end... but it will be worth it??
#1 adrian 2012-04-12 20:06
What a cutie! Although, I think we are raising the same child. This describes my Blake to a tee. Although it also bears some resemblance to my Matt and my Ryan also.

The good news is, that if he is anything like my boys, this happy-go-lucky phase will follow him right into adulthood and he'll do just fine. He may forget to pay a bill now and then, or lose his cell phone once a month, or forget to pick up his girlfriend after work, but people will be remarkably forgiving because they're such happy people, it's hard to stay mad at them for long!

Ryan is 30 and the happy father of 4 with a lovely wife and a good job, Matt is 23 and the father of none (thank heavens!) with a lovely girlfriend and a good job. Blake is 13, getting straight A's in school, working on his Eagle Scout, and has a lovely new girlfriend about every 3 days! I hope your son also has as happy a life as my boys have had!

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