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Moms, You Are Appreciated More Than You May Know!

Moms, I’m here to let you know that all those little things you do for your children are noticed!

During these past two weeks, my 1st grade class has been preparing for our annual “Mother’s Day Tribute.”

This event always takes place on the Friday before Mother’s Day. Moms are invited to our classroom for an hour, and are treated to beautiful words, written and recited by their children.

Prior to writing, we brainstorm ideas. First drafts usually start with “She takes me…” “She buys me…” but, I remind them that it is not about them; it’s about noticing all the little things that makes their Mom special. This class really put their lessons about metaphors and similes to good use, and have been working extremely hard, writing about why their Moms are special to them.

Without giving too much away, I’d like to share how their writing evolved into descriptive, caring words, straight from a child’s heart:


“She is like a piece of jewelry, shiny and valuable.”


“Her voice is like the ocean waves, soft and clear.”


“She’s as beautiful as a rose.”


“She smells like raspberries.”


“I would never trade her for another Mom.”


“Her soft brown eyes are like a puppy’s.”


“When she gets dressed up for parties, she looks like a queen.”


“Her laugh is music to my ears.”


“I love everything about my Mom.  She is perfect.”


“She has a great smile, and she is a fast runner.”


“Her hugs feel squishy and warm.”


“When she smiles she reminds me of a rainbow, shiny and pretty.”


“Her eyes are brownish-green, like sea glass.”


“She is a good influence to me.”


“Her eyes look like Hershey’s Kisses.”


“She is a great cook…I love her crispy chicken.”


 “She has beautiful brown eyes, like mine.”


“I love her so much I could glue her to me.”


So, Moms…the next time that you are stressed out and feeling underappreciated, know that your little ones love and appreciate you very much.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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