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Mother’s Day: Sleeping In vs. Breakfast In Bed

I’ve spent nearly 15 years celebrating Mother’s Days. And after a while it sort of gets mashed into all the other days and craziness of May. School is winding down, with end of year celebrations and field trips, plus Little League is ramping up. Add to that all the band concerts and awards banquets, and literally every evening of every week is crazy busy.

Also in May we have a couple of family birthdays and with the second Sunday of the month being Mother’s Day, honestly, I just don’t need another stress in my life! I’d so much prefer a calm day off without too much fanfare and of course my family nearby (if possible doing all the “work” it takes to run the house...).

I know my husband and kids mean well, and they say it’s the thought that counts, right? But sometimes I wish “the thought” would ask me what I want first!

Here’s an unofficial survey—on Mother’s Day, which would you prefer:

  • Sleeping in ’till 9 a.m. —OR— having breakfast in bed? (I love runny eggs and dandelions in a cup as much as the next mom, but extra sleep is divine!)
  • Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel —OR— homemade cupcakes made with love and a few extra doses of salt ‘cuz the 2-year-old helped?
  • That new artwork you’ve been dreaming about for the entryway —OR —child fridge art of creatures with monster arms and robot heads, and framed in macaroni ‘gilt’ edges?
  • A gift certificate to your favorite day spa —OR— foot rubs from 3 little kid’s hands and a shoulder rub from a big strong dad?
  • A day off from all household work (NO DISHES!) —OR— I can’t think of anything better (NO DISHES? What?!)
  • A quiet walk with one of your kids, and a picnic lunch —OR— a rambunctious afternoon at the park playing catch with the whole family followed by a lunch of leftovers?

I’m not saying the only thing I want is a day to myself without my family, (not that I wouldn’t appreciate a day like that!), but there are a few special pleasures I genuinely enjoy. Sleeping in is one of them, dark chocolate is another, and a day without dishes would be a dream come true! However, I so rarely get to spend time with just one of my kids that I’d LOVE, as part of my Mother’s Day” gift, to have a scheduled afternoon alone with each of my 3 kids. 

[Sigh]. It might have to wait until after Father’s Day!

What’s your dream Mother’s Day Gift?


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