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Baking & Banking Lessons: GoodNCrazy Teen Bakes For Money

My daughter did it. She made her first sale—of cupcakes! A friend needed 60+ birthday cupcakes for her daughter’s class at school and the after school birthday party.

After checking with a gourmet shop my friend realized they were charging between $2-3 per cupcake! Let’s just say my kiddo charges much less than that. And we think she does a pretty darn good job! (The “Shark” cupcake she’s holding in the photo was for her little brother’s birthday.)

I can’t say she’s always been a superstar in the kitchen—soupy red velvet cupcakes (what did she forget to add?), and mint chocolate cupcakes (when the peppermint ran out she used mint flavoring instead, which tasted like toothpaste).

But she’s been creative and brave in the kitchen for many years. And she keeps on trying.

I have to thank/blame my husband for all three of my kids’ willingness to experiment gastronomically. He has been perfecting the mostest-bestest chocolate chip pan cookies for 15+ years! Every Sunday night he whips up a batch from “memory,”’ which, translated, means a slightly different version each time (sometimes awesome… sometimes NOT so awesome). The kids know that when dad’s in the kitchen anything’s possible. Are we out of chocolate chips? How about marshmallows instead? Should we try adding cocoa powder? Peanut butter? You get the picture.

I’m willing to try new recipes, and I will experiment a little bit especially with dinner ideas. But when it comes to baking, I’m a stick-to-the-recipe kind of girl. My kids get the bake-outside-the-cake-mix gene from their dad.

Back to my daughter: She’s been a cupcake-making fool the past 3-4 months. Here are a few of her culinary creations:

  • One more set of cupcakes for the youth church group
  • And of course… those 60 birthday cupcakes (cha-ching!)

Since it took a long time to put all those cupcakes together, she quickly learned that her per hour rate for all those cupcakes wasn’t high enough. “I think I make more money babysitting,” she said after the cupcake sale. But she likes baking more than child caring, so maybe that’s okay.

And since she’s not in this commercial endeavor alone, you can guess who serves as the cupcake-making-assistant, grocery purchaser, and [sigh] kitchen cleaner-upper more often than not. Yes, that’d be me. But I try not to grumble because I love that she experiments in the kitchen. I love that she makes her own refreshments for parties. And I especially love what she’s learning about money and business.

Cupcakes, anyone?


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