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Moms: What’s Your Super Power?

Recently, I was asked to answer this question (and do so in a serious tone): “What are you good at?”  And I was completely stumped. I couldn’t come up with a single fabulous response. I’m an impatient parent, I often lose my mom-cool, and the “mommy monster” is well known around our house.

I’m loud, there’s no two ways around it. I just am. Raised in a household of 10 kids, you get that way, and 20 years later you can’t strip yourself of it. I’m also opinionated, competitive, and passionate about the things I love and care about. In my experience those 3 things are volatile, and heaven knows I can rub people the wrong way.

But….several hours later, I got to thinking less about my faults and more about what I was really good at. I mean REALLY good at… so good that they might even count as multiple Super Powers in 3 different categories. Here’s what I came up with:



• Teaching Independence

I happily encouraged my kids to stand on their own feet at very early ages, and to step out of their comfort zones. From buckling their own car seat to riding their bike “all the way to the store” alone, I love watching my children grow up! Believe me when I say I do NOT cry when my kids head off to kindergarten.

• Responsibility

My son could clean the toilet at 4 years old (okay I had to clean it after him), but my 11 year old babysits her younger brother (and practically taught him to read), and my 14 year old juggles honors classes, hours and hours of after school drama practice, and still finds time to experiment in the kitchen on her own.

• Teaching Financial IQ

I am great at helping my kids understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. They don’t always love me for it, but when that student loan is paid off, they’ll appreciate my money lessons.

• Getting Along With Others

Over and over I remind my kids to pay attention on the playground and look for the friend who’s feeling left out that day. “Imagine if it were you,” I tell them, “and see if you can help him/her out.” I never allowed a threesome playdate to turn into a fight of 2 against 1. And I can honestly say all 3 of my kids have strong friends and make new friends easily. A true gift that will keep on giving.



• Talk to Strangers. I am able to leap a scary cocktail meet & great in a single bound. I LOVE meeting new people. (“Hi my name is Carissa, what’s yours?”)

• Loud Voice Syndrome. My voice carries—YO! (It’s not always a bad thing).

• I Love Talking (and even sometimes listening) to a huge variety of people. People in general fascinate me!


IN MY “JOBBY” (Job/Hobby) AND “WORK:”

• Creativity. I have a blast doing what I do. I get to throw out amazingly AWFUL ideas and when bounced off other people, those ideas turn to gold. See? That’s just like a super power.

• Problem-Solver. Willing to brainstorm any time, day or night. I am most happy when in a conversation of what if’s. What if we tried this? What if we changed that? It paints a huge smile on my face.

• “Good Soldier.” When another takes the lead I happily follow! I don’t always like to be in charge (loud mouth or not). What I really love is a great leader, one I can follow, then creatively jump in and take on my part of the gig.

Fellow Moms, what’s your super power? Promise me not to freak out if you can’t think of something right this second. It might take a few hours. It might take a few weeks.

The first step, however, is ignoring your faults. You’ll be surprised at what super power emerges, because I guarantee you have a few—you simply haven’t identified them yet!


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