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Weeknight Dinner’s No Problem With Versatile “Simple White Sauce”

Everyone should learn how to make an easy, simple “white sauce.” Also called “gravy”—and similar to a roux or remoulade in fancy French circles—the uses for this sauce include everything from a topping for mashed potatoes to a key ingredient in “Gourmet Salmon Remoulade.” (Not that I’m ever that fancy around here.)

The beauty of a white sauce is that it grows up to become ANYTHING you want it to be. If you are hankering for a homey potpie some weeknight, simply doctor up the sauce with some salt and pepper, and add some parsley. If you and your kids are feeling a bit of a “fiesta” coming on, enlist the kids' help, add Tex-Mex-style seasonings, and bake up some yummy Creamy Chicken Enchiladas. Really, the sky’s the limit for whatever your imagination can dream up when it comes to experimenting and changing the ingredients to create new favorite family meals.

I’ve used this sauce to make a thick, sausage gravy for dinnertime biscuits and gravy, without the huge amounts of pepper that come in store bought “country gravy” packets. (Yuck.) I also use it to make Homestyle Chicken Potpie and Family-Friendly Chicken Curry Over Rice—which my kids love.

Dinner will taste awesome if you start with a white sauce you make yourself (and can control for thickness, seasonings, etc.), rather than any cream-in-a-can.

So, now that you’ve got a simple white sauce…what’re you gonna make with it?!

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