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Plan Ahead with Simple, Tasty, and Fun Breakfasts

Parents often start the school year with every intention of providing their families with breakfast in the morning. But all too often, they soon find themselves struggling with their kids about what they will and will not eat.

To avoid the battle at breakfast, it helps to have a plan in place before the school year begins.

  • Keep it simple. Breakfast doesn’t need to be complicated. Breakfasts can be simple, tasty and even fun. The morning meal can be made more interesting by giving traditional items a tasty twist, such as sprinkling a mixture of fresh fruit and raisins onto yogurt.


  • Offer choices. Come up with a series of fun breakfast choices. Think of mixing and matching different ingredients. This will keep breakfast interesting for your kids and you won’t need to figure out what to serve in the middle of the hectic morning routine.


  • Involve your kids.  Let them in on the breakfast planning. If they have some ownership in the menu, chances are they’ll be more interested in eating the meal. If possible, have them help prepare breakfast items that can be made ahead of time, such as preparing a fruit salad in the evening for breakfast the next day.


  • Respect your child’s morning mood. Figure out how to best pace your morning to maximize breakfast time for your children. Some kids do best when they eat first and then get dressed and ready for school. Others need to be completely ready for school before they can even think about eating.  

To get started, consider some of these fun breakfast recipes:

  • "Wafflewich with Nutella®: Spread a whole-grain waffle with Nutella® hazelnut spread, sprinkle with diced fresh fruit, and top with shaved coconut. Top with a second waffle, cut in half, and serve sandwich-style.
  • Best Banana Smoothie: This smoothie is simple! Just blend a banana with a cup of vanilla yogurt, milk, and a touch of honey. Substitute other fruits to make a variety of smoothies.   
  • Grab-N-Go Granola Bars: A nice combination of oats, cereal, nuts and fruits that’s baked and then served. These bars also freeze well.
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