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Back to School Has a Fun New Routine For Kids with KLEENEX® Brand’s Shield, Sneeze, Swish*

Back-to-school time is a great opportunity for parents to introduce (or bring back) routines into children’s lives, from homework and bedtime routines to practicing healthy habits.

And one of the best ways to help kids remember routines is to make them fun. For example, in our house, we used to challenge our kids to do as much cleaning in their bedrooms as they could in just five minutes. We would set a timer and the kids would be a blur of activity! It was amazing what got done in just five minutes because they had fun doing it!

Another key to helping children with routines is to add a song or easy rhyme to it so children can more easily retain the process. For instance, KLEENEX® Brand has come up with a fun way to help remind kids to use Kleenex Brand Sneeze Shield tissue as part of a healthy lifestyle called Shield, Sneeze, Swish*. This is especially useful at back-to-school time when kids can get sick so easily from others spreading germs. Experts say using tissue is one of the easiest ways to help minimize the spread of colds and viruses.

With the Shield, Sneeze, Swish routine, Kleenex is promoting a fun way to remember a healthy habit with a simple, three-step process:


           1. Shield. Use Kleenex Brand Facial Tissue to prevent a wet sneeze from getting onto you or others


          2. Sneeze. Use the tissue and sneeze into it


          3. Swish. Get rid of the used tissue by tossing, or swishing, it into the trash. That’s something kids will remember!

Kleenex Brand has created a video parents can watch with their children to learn about the Shield, Sneeze, Swish routine. Also, Kleenex Brand even has a Facebook page where kids can easily upload videos and photos of their own Shield, Sneeze, Swish routines!  They can come up with their own choreography and make their own music videos. There are simple instructions on the Kleenex Brand Facebook page to help kids upload their work.

It’s a fun way to make the Shield, Sneeze, Swish routine memorable for kids!

®Registered Trademark and * trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. ©2012 KCWW.

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