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Make the Most of Parents Night

Parents night (also called back-to-school night) is a big event at our school. Almost all of our families are represented by one or both parents. It is a time to get a feeling for the atmosphere in the school and find out what happens each day. You can find out about your child’s teachers and a little about their teaching philosophies.

Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of parents night at your school.

Attend parents night. Parents who involve themselves in the education of their child demonstrate their support for learning. Attending parents night gives your son or daughter the message that you care about what is happening in school, and you want to meet those involved every day.

Realize that there probably isn’t going to be enough time to focus specifically on your child. The most you can hope for is to provide contact information, and ask for a call if you need to speak about something of concern.

Know that this is not the forum for complaining about something you do not like. If you do have a concern, it would be much better to speak privately at another time.

Read the materials your child’s teachers provide for you. Most of the time, teachers try to minimize what they give parents on parents’ night. So anything you receive is probably important.

Encourage your child’s teachers. They work hard. They make mistakes because they are human. But teachers like children or they would not have become teachers. Think of them as your partners. If you work together, your child will benefit and learn more in school.

Finally, find out when parent-teacher conferences are scheduled. That is when you can focus specifically on your child and address needs or concerns you have.



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