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Get Your Child Organized for School

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At the beginning of every school year, teachers strive to get their classroom management strategies in place. They do this to provide a safe and predictable school environment for all students.

Now is a great time to organize your family’s home/school management strategy, as well. This will ensure proper attention is paid to the steady flow of homework, project information, permission slips, and important school notices.

Here are six easy steps to create an efficient and effective home/school management system.


  • Have a basket, bulletin board, or special file folder for all important school notices or assignments. If you have more than one child in school, have a separate one for each.
  • Keep a large calendar in a place where the family can reference it. Use a special color marker for different events, such as red for assignment deadlines, blue for field trips, etc.
  • Determine a designated homework place. Make sure there is a clear surface to work on, plenty of light, and few distractions.
  • Get your child a special “Homework Folder,” and make sure he has placed finished homework in the folder and backpack before going to bed.
  • If possible, make lunches the night before. Put nonperishables in the lunchbox, and keep perishables on a convenient refrigerator shelf for easy packing in the morning.


It’s also helpful to join the PTO or PTA to gain a better understanding of your child’s school culture, and find opportunities for involvement in the school community.

When you establish effective home/school routines, children thrive from the consistency and reliability. Most important, you will be setting the foundation for a successful school year.

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