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Take the Transition Optical "My Eye Promise" and Help Get Books To Kids

As parents, we talk to our kids about healthy living, but sometimes those messages are, well, boring. But here’s a really fun way to promote good vision care from Transitions Optical. 

Consider taking the My Eye Promise pledge on the Transitions Optical web site on behalf of your family. With the pledge, you are promising that you and your kids will take good care of your eyes and practice good habits, such as regularly visiting an eye doctor, wearing glasses if you need them and protecting your eyes from the sun by wearing a hat or UV-blocking eyewear. 

And here’s the really cool part: For each My Eye Promise submitted, Transitions Optical will donate a new book to Bess the Book Bus Inc., a mobile literacy initiative. Your family gets to help other less fortunate kids with a book donation. Plus, by connecting the book donation to the My Eye Promise, kids can learn about the relationship between good eye health and the ability to read and learn. 

Bess the Book Bus was founded by Jennifer Frances. She wanted to pay tribute to her grandmother Bess, who helped her learn to love reading. In addition to promoting literacy, Bess the Book Bus focuses on getting books to underprivileged children. To date, Bess the Book Bus has distributed more than 400,000 books to kids across the country. 

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