If you are the parent of a teen or tween who has a mobile phone (or may be getting one for the holidays), you might have concerns about her safety. Will your child get bullied via texts? Will she make bad choices and be the sender of inappropriate messages?

It can be challenging to convey the right messages to your children so that they take seriously the responsibility of having a phone but don’t get overwhelmed. There’s a great online resource from AT&T that parents can use to help get the conversation started with their kids about mobile phone safety.

AT&T has many resources you can download that provide tips for explaining how kids can be responsible mobile phone users and for setting rules. The materials are offered for different age groups so parents can target messages appropriately for younger phone users (8-11), middle school kids (12-14), or high schoolers(15-17).

Another section on the AT&T site provides its mobile safety study results. There’s plenty of helpful information on phone usage—some of it might even be a bit of a shocker for some parents. For example, more than half (53 percent) of kids surveyed by AT&T report that they have ridden with someone who was texting and driving.

Also, there’s a cool downloadable Mobile Safety Family Agreement that you can use with your kids to establish ground rules and good digital behavior for everyone.

The AT&T resources can help parents and kids share the responsibilities of mobile phone safety so that it is a successful and long-term team effort.