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Making Sports Accessible for All Students

Some students enjoy playing sports and are talented in that arena. Studies suggest that students who participate in sports tend to do better in school. In some sports, kids learn what it means to commit to a team. In others, they learn to challenge themselves to improve both physically and mentally. They learn discipline, time management, how to accept constructive criticism, how to follow directions, and many other skills that will benefit them later in school and life. Students also learn about healthy competition and sportsmanship through sports. And, they learn that hard work pays off with better performance. Sometimes teammates become lifelong friends.

Unfortunately, students who struggle in school may not be allowed to play on the school’s teams. Their grades may be too low, or they may be scheduled for after-school help sessions when practice is going on. For these kids, it is important to look for opportunities outside the school setting for them to participate. Many areas have neighborhood leagues, recreational clubs, and organizations that sponsor teams. If your child wants to play sports and schoolwork takes up too much time during the school year, perhaps playing on a team in the summer months makes sense. For ideas about kinds of sports and things to think about when selecting a sport, read Children and Sports: Choices for All Ages.

It is important for every person to spend time doing something they love and are good at doing. Sports might be that thing for your child.

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