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A Fun Memory Game To Help Build Confidence

Does your child have difficulty remembering school lessons, homework assignments, spelling words, etc.? Her memory is probably just fine, and you can help her it prove to herself by teaching her how to play a fun memory game.

Children are typically much better at this game than adults. Once your child understands the game, he can challenge any adult in the family, and will usually win every time! Confidence in memory skills can be a great help with completing and understanding school work.

All that’s needed is a deck of playing cards and two players.

Here’s how to play:

  • From the deck, take out all the cards of one particular suit (for example, all spade cards including ace, king, queen, and jack for a total of 13). Shuffle them, and place them facedown on a table in three columns, four across, with a lone card at the bottom.
  • From the remaining cards in the deck, take out all cards of another suit (all heart cards, including the ace, king, queen, and jack), shuffle them, and form a small deck which is kept in a pile, facedown.
  • Put away all remaining cards.
  • Take turns selecting cards from the top of the small deck. Then select and turn over just one table card, trying to find a match (a ten of hearts from the small deck must match a ten of spades, etc). Both players get to see both cards. If it’s a match, the winner gets to keep the cards. If it’s not a match the table card is put back, facedown, in exactly the same spot on the table. The unmatched deck card goes to the bottom of the deck.
  • Since both players get to see the overturned table cards, an important aspect of this game is remembering the exact location of the table cards when they are put back, facedown.
  • The game continues until all cards are matched. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins.

This game is great fun, and will convince any child that she has a wonderful memory!


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