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3 Strategies To Build Strong Reading Skills

When a young student starts to read, it’s a very exciting time for parents! But progressing from a beginning reader to a good reader takes time, practice, and knowing and using certain strategies.

Here is a list of three simple strategies to practice with your child that will promote good reading.

1.   Have her use the pictures in a story multiple ways:

  • To predict what might happen before reading
  • To figure out an unknown word or sentence
  • To see what makes sense in the story


2.    Have him use what he knows about the sound/letter connection:

  • Look for beginning, middle, and ending sounds to figure out new words
  • Look for word “chunks” or word “families” to decode unfamiliar words
  • Blend letter sounds to figure out a tricky word (for example, the “br” in bring)


3.    Look for meaning in the story and check for comprehension:

  • When reading, have him skip an unknown word, read to the end of the sentence, then think about what word would make sense
  • Periodically, have him stop and make mental “pictures” of what he’s reading
  • After reading, have him sequence and summarize events from the story; this can be done by telling, writing, and/or drawing


These strategies help beginning readers systematically build on their prior knowledge to become good readers!


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