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Strategies To Help Your Child Get to School On Time

Every school year, we have certain students who are chronically late to school. Just a few minutes might not seem like a big problem, but it actually has a bigger effect than you realize. Those who arrive a little late miss out on the organizational time of the day. This is when teachers take roll, take up homework, hand back homework, and set the tone for the day’s lessons. When students arrive in the middle of this, they might forget to turn in their work. Or they are confused about what is happening in class.

If this is true for your child, together you might resolve to improve. You might say to him, “This year you need to get to school on time.” But in order to be successful with this resolution, you and your child need to identify the reason he is late to school so much and make a plan to improve.

Does your child have trouble waking up in the morning? Adolescents need from eight to nine hours of sleep each night. It is important to limit the number of activities that take place on school nights to make sure your child gets to bed early enough. She should not take her phone or other electronics to bed with her. Many students text one another all through the night, which affects their sleep cycle. There is considerable research that suggests this sleep is necessary for learning to become permanent. Getting enough sleep will make it easier to get up and get ready for school.

Perhaps your child gets up on time, but when it’s time to leave he still isn’t ready to go. Getting organized the night before can help if this is the issue. He should pack his backpack and lunch before going to bed. Additionally, he can decide what he will wear and lay those clothes out for morning. It is important to include eating a healthy breakfast and brushing his teeth in the morning routine. This organization may help move him along faster in the morning and get to school on time.

If nothing seems to help, try setting the clock a little ahead. I used to do this and was always amazed that I looked at the clock and believed what it said! I would move along faster and wind up getting there on time. Having an extra few minutes after arriving at school can help students relax, enjoy their morning, and be ready to learn.

I hope you enjoy the remaining days before school starts. It will help make the transition to school easier if you wake your children up early a few days before they have to get up so they can get used to the morning routine.


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