Chances are your child will stay out of school because of illness at some point during this school year. Often parents aren’t sure when to make that call. Many of us have been there: Is my daughter sick or does she just want to stay home with the new puppy? Is my son really sick or does he just not want to participate in the spelling bee?

As the makers of Triaminic® point out, when in doubt, seek medical advice from your child’s doctor. But a good general rule to follow is this: If your child is too uncomfortable to participate in all of the school day activities, then it’s best to keep him home.

It’s important to check what your child’s school guidelines are, as well. The school may have this information on its website or may have published in the parent handbook as to when they recommend you keep your child out of school. Also, you can check with the school nurse for guidelines. As always, call your pediatrician if you are uncertain of how your child is feeling or if he displays any of these symptoms:


It is a good idea to have a sick day plan in place in case your child does need to stay home. You may need to have backup help, such as a neighbor, who can pick up your other children from school. Another good step is to work out a plan with your employer that may allow you to work at home or adjust your hours so you can be with your sick child. Sometimes distraction is the best medicine! When your kids are feeling under the weather, keep them busy with these fun coloring worksheets! Once they’re back in action, keep your kids on a well-balanced diet with these healthy recipes.

And to find out more about cold and flu symptoms in your area, check the Triaminic Flu Tracker.


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* Disclaimer: Triaminic products are not intended to treat all the symptoms listed above. Please read all product labeling for directions and warnings before use. This information is not a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. If your child has any of the symptoms above, call your pediatrician immediately. Parents should also be aware of sick day guidelines specific to their child's school. In general, a child should stay home if he/she is too uncomfortable to participate in all activities and stay in the classroom.


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