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Many Teenagers Are Making a Difference

“Children have a sense of entitlement these days.” I have heard that said so many times. It is, of course, true for some kids, but not for all. Most of the kids I have taught are thoughtful, sweet, helpful, polite, hardworking people well on their way to becoming responsible adult citizens.

Here is some evidence that most kids are good people: The other day I needed to venture into the seniors’ break room. I have always tried to respect their space and let them know when I am coming in. I knocked and said, “Is it OK if I come in for a minute?”

The answer: “You don’t need to ask. You are welcome here any time. Why do you ask?”

I said, “I respect your privacy and your space.”

“We respect you more than we respect our space” was the reply.

I saw no sense of entitlement there.

Hearthsong Heroes: Honoring Kids Who Help Kids is a program that honors students who have made significant contributions through community service and hard work to make the lives of others better. I am proud to say that I personally know one of these heroes. She has been helping children by making sure they have Christmas gifts for several years. Each year she has collected more gifts for more children. She has trained a successor to take over her program now that she is graduating this spring. She wanted to make sure these children continued to have a happy Christmas.

Do a search on the internet for “teens who make a difference” and read some of the millions of links, such as this one at Family Circle or at DoSomething.org. Find out about projects that teens are leading like feeding hungry people, providing clean water in developing nations, preventing bullying, or providing assistance to the elderly.

Take some time this holiday season to explore some of these programs with your child. The next time you hear something derogatory about teenagers, tell about some of the amazing kids you read about!

For me, another year of blogging is complete. As I look forward to 2014, I am grateful for the community of friends I have grown here at SchoolFamily.com.

A friend of mine wished this for me, and now I pass it on to you during this special season of the year: I hope that moments of laughter come when you least expect them and that moments of peace come when you most need them.

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