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In Summer Months, Practice School Skills as a Family

In just a few weeks, school will close for the summer! It is important that students have some time for fun and relaxation while off. There are some skills, however, that students need to practice even through the summer months. No matter what subject you think about, there are fundamental facts that must be memorized. Math facts and vocabulary can be reviewed during the summer months without kids feeling like they are back in school.

Students should learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers through 12 to an automatic level. In other words, your child should be able to answer “What is eight times seven?” without having to think about it. Practicing math facts can be made into fun games. For some ideas for how, read Math Games To Keep Skills Sharp in Summer.

If your child is taking a foreign language such as Spanish, she will benefit from continued practice throughout the summer. Depending on the level of skill she has, watching television shows or movies in the language is one way to practice. She needs to practice speaking the language, as well, so spending some time conversing with others who speak the language is helpful.

Practicing vocabulary is another great summer activity that pays off later in school. Once again, this can become a fun game the whole family participates in. For some ideas, read How To Help Your Child Improve His or Her Vocabulary. Reading is also important to help to improve vocabulary. For the most part, allow your child to read books that match his interests so he will enjoy reading and want to read more.

Most children need to be encouraged to spend less time on their electronic devices, but a fun educational app can actually be helpful when it comes to practicing basic skills. Commonsense Media is an organization that reviews educational apps and provides an independent voice on what is available for education. There are many fun apps for practicing math, Spanish, and vocabulary, as well as a myriad of other skills you feel your child should practice.

Even though summertime is supposed to be downtime, your child should not lose or forget basic skills. The trick is for you to be enthusiastic about learning and to provide fun opportunities that involve the whole family.

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