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Foster Your Child's Curiosity

Most parents of young children have been bombarded with the “why” questions. “Why is the sky blue?”  “Why do I have to eat these vegetables?” “Why can’t I breathe underwater like a fish?”

Questions like these come from a child’s innate sense of curiosity—and that’s a wondrous thing that should be encouraged.

Curiosity is important because it:

  • starts with a quest for knowledge and wanting to know more
  • fosters intelligence
  • helps us all to see things in different ways
  • can help young students make connections
  • nourishes wonderment and happiness
  • promotes openness and acceptance of differences
  • helps build confidence with newly acquired knowledge
  • motivates learning
  • enhances social awareness and self-confidence
  • and cultivates life-long learning

Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” So the next time your young child is “passionately curious,” help her as best you can. This may require some simple research on a home computer, or one at the library. Your interest will reinforce her sense of wonder. Help her explore the world around her, and share in her joy of discovery!


> Instill a Love of Learning in Your Child

> Balancing Creativity and Academics

Encourage Students To Practice Handwriting
Help Students Set Reasonable Goals

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