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Music and Movement Can Enhance Reading Skills

Listening to children’s music is a fun way to help your young student make connections needed for reading. These connections include:

  • listening
  • memory/recall
  • rhyming
  • language skills
  • focus

It can also be a great enrichment for children who need English language acquisition help. When you combine music with movement, you help a young child develop:

  • rhythm and beat
  • left-to-right progression (needed for successful reading and writing)
  • spatial sense
  • gross-motor skills
  • self-control

Practicing these skills can help a child understand patterns, time, and shapes, as well as adding and subtracting. Conceptualizing these readiness skills can help a young child increase her ability to make connections and problem-solve in reading, writing, and math. Music can also be helpful in boosting social skills, such as:

  • kindness
  • sharing
  • cooperating
  • responsibility
  • friendship

Some favorite children’s CDs, which I use in my classroom, are by the artists Hap Palmer (Parade of Colors), Laurie Berkner (Clean It Up), Bill Harley (Down in the Backpack), and Steve Roslonek (Kindness).

Music and movement are fantastic ways to incorporate fun while learning and reinforcing important skills necessary for school success!


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